Interesting New Read

I began reading this book I had somehow ‘stolen’ from my old high school library. I have no memory of even taking it out, but i wound up in my own personal library none the less. I started reading this book yesterday morning, i’m already more than half way done! I can seem to put it down, I havent been this way with a book since (unfortunatly) the Twilight series. Which for the record, I read way before it became a franchise.

So this book is about a city split into a bunch of different areas, there’s Uglyville, New Pretty Town and Crumblyville (or something). Tally is three months away from her sixteenth birthday, three months from being pretty. Her BFF Peris has already had the operation and is living in New Pretty Town. One night after Tally snuck into town to see Peris she met a girl named Shay. They became pretty close over three months. Shay would always say that she doesnt want to be pretty because thats what society WANTS her to be, she would rather stay an Ugly for the rest of her life. So a week before Tally and Shays operation, Shay bolted for a town called the Smoke. Were people choose to stay ugly forever.

Now I can tell you anymore because if your planing on reading this book, I’ll spoil a whole whack of it. I’m really enjoying this book so far. I’m quite happy that I finally have a new series to read!


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