My Latest Doodle [In Process]

I grabbed my sketchbook last night and just started
doodling. I didn’t have a goal picture in my mind.
It resulted in this, which I think is kind of cute. I was just going to leave it as
a pencil drawing but I got inspired to take it to the next level. I don’t know
if I should do it in paint, coloured pencils or a charcoal, I suppose I’ll have
to figure that out soon.

I have not yet got a mental image or inspiration to try and work one up for the background. I started debating with myself wether or not I need a background for this drawing. Seems like its lacking something though.


2 thoughts on “My Latest Doodle [In Process]

  1. This is so adorable! but sad at the same time, poor little dandylion.
    I dont know what you could do with it :s maybe add a background, like grass and stuff.
    But I also really like just as a simple doodle. It’s totally up to you

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