Two, new, shoe, who, moo… and other things that rhyme with Blu

I apologize for not posting anything recently, between my first job, second job and night job I have no time to be on the computer – I barely have time for a good night’s sleep!

My original plan for this post was to have a series of photographs that I’ll name ‘Through naked eyes’ (for lack of creativity!) I wear glasses, without them I am BLIND! My friends think that when I don’t wear my glasses I see double – not the case for me. So the goal was to snap some blurry photos that would best represent what I see without my glasses – seeing is different for everybody.

But unfortunately I haven’t had time to pursue that, so here are a few pictures of Bluegrass – my adorable/horrible puppy. I just say that now because he’s chewed up a number of very expensive devices and has grabbed way too many plates of food from the counter.

Sigh – one day he’ll be a good boy.

He looks so tubby in this one!

He likes to go on long adventures with me.

Oh Blu – Why are you so mucky?

I can’t stay mad at him!

Blu would like to thank everyone for stopping by and reading – He would love to stay and chat but as you can see, he is really sleepy!


One thought on “Two, new, shoe, who, moo… and other things that rhyme with Blu

  1. I have so loved getting Freshly Pressed by WP. I have found so many new blogs to follow, yours being one of them. Love your drawings and your photos, so expressive. I too draw quite a bit as I was a fashion illustrator before becoming an architect. And, like you, I cannot see two feet in front of me without glasses. Tried contacts and hated them, so I have worn glass my whole life. I have been having trouble lately focusing the camera with my glasses, so I will have to look into getting something for my camera.

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