Two, new, shoe, who, moo… and other things that rhyme with Blu

I apologize for not posting anything recently, between my first job, second job and night job I have no time to be on the computer – I barely have time for a good night’s sleep!

My original plan for this post was to have a series of photographs that I’ll name ‘Through naked eyes’ (for lack of creativity!) I wear glasses, without them I am BLIND! My friends think that when I don’t wear my glasses I see double – not the case for me. So the goal was to snap some blurry photos that would best represent what I see without my glasses – seeing is different for everybody.

But unfortunately I haven’t had time to pursue that, so here are a few pictures of Bluegrass – my adorable/horrible puppy. I just say that now because he’s chewed up a number of very expensive devices and has grabbed way too many plates of food from the counter.

Sigh – one day he’ll be a good boy.

He looks so tubby in this one!

He likes to go on long adventures with me.

Oh Blu – Why are you so mucky?

I can’t stay mad at him!

Blu would like to thank everyone for stopping by and reading – He would love to stay and chat but as you can see, he is really sleepy!


New Blog!

Hi all!

I just created a new blog dedicated to feature art from various artists I have seen on the net. I have just finished the first of many blog posts, this one being about Jessica Doyle. A very amazing whimsy/abstract artist and I have to say that I am completely in love with her work!

I’m attaching a link to my other blog at the foot of this post, please feel free to check it out/comment/follow.

Much thanks!

New Blog link:


Sorry Boys! I’m Taken.


This is my new man Blu, short for Bluegrass. my family and I could not decide between Bandit, Phoenix or Bluegrass so we ended up mixing up nine cards into a hat (Each name was on 3 cards). Best 2 out of 3 wins!

I slowly reached my hand in pulled out a card… Blu

My mom reaches in and pulls out a card… Blu

Blu it is then!

One last thing! I would like to direct your attention to his little paws! They remind me of a marble cake because of the black and pink. Too cute!