Toronto Two day Trip – 2012

This February I had the amazing opportunity to go to The Royal Ontario Museum for a two day conference about the destruction of habitat, specifically grasslands. The Bison Collaboration and Grasslands in Crisis put it together.

Here are a couple photos from my trip.

I stepped out of Union station to be greeted by towering buildings. It was a nice change; the tallest thing in my neighbourhood would be the white pines in the woods around my house.

I stopped into a little church tucked into the corner of an extremely urban street.

This is a picture i've always longed to take! I had a rocking horse similer to this when I was a small child, Seeing it in the church brought back fond memories.

When I was in the Royal Ontario Museum's (ROM) gift shop I was talking to a very lovely man with an English accent. I sighed and said "I would love to visit England one day." The man replied with "Just walk around the corner, the buildings there look as if they were taken right out of England. Minus the Cobblestone." This is one of those buildings.

The front of the ROM, I’m still getting used to my new camera so this image has a double-exposure or something.

This man was sitting outside the ROM on a super cold, blustery day playing some jazz on his saxophone. I then emptied out my change purse into his case. He was very thankful but I felt kind of cheap seeing as how I only managed to scrounge up $2.50.

I love seeing old buildings in among tall buildings!

This was my veiw out of the hotel window. I just downloaded a new editing software so most of these images are in multiple stages of editing.